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Interview Preparation

How do you prepare for interview questions?
By practicing the answers  before you get there
What are the main questions?
Tell us about yourself
You must follow a distinct order and content here.
Some areas you must be brief with.
Others go into detail.
But which are which?
We will show you.
What are your strengths
Strengths must be built around one topic.
You should aim them towards three things.
We go over all of them in detail with you.
Make sure your strengths count.
What are your weaknesses
The answer is not only about what you say but what you don't say.
Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
Turn this into an opportunity when others waste it 
Do you have any questions for us
You have control, the ball is in your court.
So make it count.
Ask a probing question which shows you can really think.
Start with details of your Interview and we will go from there
Interview Preparation

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