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Build You Own C.V.

Your C.V. is likely to be your first contact with a potential employer.
How are you going to make sure it does?
With the help of our Course, Word Template and PDF Instruction Manual you can build your own.
See below for the four important steps.
When your CV is opened you have 9 Seconds to persuade the reader it is worth further consideration. 
Therefore what is visible is important.
The video explains how to ensure your CV complies to the rule.
To assemble your CV you must have the correct layout and content.
You will have having watched the video explaining how to do it.
STAR is an acronym:
Situation, Tasks, Action, Results
This is the method you will use to impress readers in the Experience section of your C.V.
The video goes into greater detail
The Template is a word document.
It is laid out in the optimum order needed to impress someone opening your CV.
It comes with a PDF Instruction Manual telling you how to complete it.
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