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CV Preparation

How do you build a winning CV?
What should the content be
What should the layout be
Video - the 9 Second Rule
When someone opens your CV for the first time they will spend 9 Seconds deciding if you are a viable candidate.
If you are they will look at it in more detail.
If you aren't they will discard it there and then, and you are OUT of the process.
You will be shown how to get your CV the attention it deserves.
Watch Video below
Video - Assembling Information
This video will take you through each of the six sections in your CV
It shows you how to populate each field in each one.
Watch Video below
Video - The STAR Process
STAR is an acronym
If your experience does not comply to this you will be rejected. 
You will be shown how to ensure that it does.
Watch Video below
Word Template & PDF Manual
Having a word template ensures that the layout is correct.
We provide you with one which will have a great impact on the reader.
Having the instruction manual will make the task of populating your CV that much easier.
Start with details of your requirements and we will go from there
CV Preparation

Thanks for submitting!

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