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This page contains Important Advice to help you with Business English.
I will be mainly concerned with Grammar, Spelling, Pronunciation and the like.
Currently there is not much information on it but it will grow as the site expands.
So be patient. If you want something and it is not here ask us.
You never know, we may create it for you.
It is the dream of everyone learning a foreign language to be able to "Speak it like a native". One of the keys to this is pronunciation. So to help you with this we have two pages. A page giving links to a variety of accents of English speakers, native and otherwise. A page with a link to our video showing how to pronounce all 44 sounds in the English language.
Word Definition
When seeking the definition of a word the best source we have found so far is the Collins English Dictionary and we thoroughly recommend that you copy the link to this for future reference. 
We additionally recommend that you copy the definition in English, and learn it by heart in English. This will aid your understanding and retention.
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