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This page contains links to a variety of English Accents, not only those of natives from the UK (and these have many regional and national sub divisions) but also Accents from the USA, Commonwealth countries and those whose first language is not English but who nevertheless speak it to a good standard.
The object is to show you the variations and see if you can understand what is being said in each of the clips.
This page will be continually updated as suitable examples are located.
Very Good English Accent
Actress & Member of Parliament Glenda Jackson
This is a very good English Accent indeed!
Glenda Jackson was a Double Oscar Winning actress before becoming a Member of Parliament for over 20 years. Her accent demonstrates a very high standard.
Though this video is 6.5 minutes long it is worth hearing in its entirety, please be aware that there is some disturbance due to heckling throughout part of it.
There is a follow up video of Sir Toby Baldry attempting to complain about the speech but The Speaker, Mr John Bercow, ruled that there was not a problem with what had been said. Both have very good accents, particularly Mr Speaker.
The Speaker is the most important Member of the British Parliament, even above the Prime Minister of the day.
Glenda Jackson Again
No apologies for putting Glenda Jackson on again. Notice that she does not use notes.
Good English Accents
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons. Contains Sub Titles
Danish Olympic Gold Medallist Lasse Norman Hansen discusses cycling.
South African
Comments on a Rugby referee's performance in a Test Match.
A diver gets trapped in a cave for 60 hours.
Scottish and Welsh
Rugby commentary. Scottish international footballer being yellow carded then red carded.
London ("Asian")
An Asian man who survived the Grenfell Tower Fire explains how he and his girlfriend got out.
French "Spider-Man" Alain Robert
New Zealand
Leader of the Labour Party Jacinda Ardern in the New Zealand Parliament.
Quite long.
Mild Australian
Author Kathy Lette talks about her son and his achievements.
Asian - Indian
Indian and Pakistani independence movements.
Has subtitles (not needed as accent very understandable).
Mild Midland
Saving two parachutists in mid-air.
For this act of bravery Ronnie O'Brien was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM).
USA Accent
Senator Sanders making a speech about the British Labour Party. Contains Sub Titles
Strong Scottish
A man gets stuck on a fence.
Contains a swear word.
North East England
A war veteran gets his medals back. 3 different speakers.
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron announces his decision to step down.
London ("Cockney")
Grenfell Tower Fire survivor describes how he got out with his daughter and girlfriend.
North of England Accents
Three people with North of England Accents discussing football.
Mild American
Athlete Michael Johnson talking about Usain Bolt
Liverpool ("Scouse")
Discussion between a man from Liverpool and an interviewer (without a Liverpool accent) about the 2017 General Election.
With Sub Titles
Mild Australian
Senator Larissa Waters on having dual citizenship.
English Good
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair talking about Brexit.
Has subtitles
English - Derbyshire
Left wing Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner at the Labour Party Conference 2017